Site Master Planning

If you are need help to plan a new facility or if you are reviewing an existing mature site, we can apply sound and proven techniques to the planning process. Our approach is to consider holistically the future detailed plans and requirements for the site based on the core vision that you provide. The Site Master Plan (SMP) will carefully review all of the functions/departments within the your site – Production, Logistics, QC, Site Support etc to ensure that an integrated analysis is completed. We are able to review all related financials, material flows and utilities and sustainability is a fundamental principle on which we approach the Site Master Plan.

We use a multi-disciplinary based methodology to objectively review potential schemes and to arrive at recommendations that deliver maximum ROI (Return on Investment).

Your completed Site Master Plan will typically include the following sections :-

  • Core Vision
  • Executive Summary – Key Issues, Assumptions, Key identified Projects, Applied Criteria, Overall Costs/Schedule,
  • Implementation Plan
  • Departmental Level Reviews
  • Projects Review – details of all core Projects identified via the planning process
  • Drawings – Layouts etc
  • During completion of the Master Plan, we typically work in three phases – Data Collection, Scheme/Concept Development and
  • Plan Development and we use effective software collaboration tools throughout to drive the process.

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