Front End Design

The initial Front End Engineering & Design activities of a potential project are completed to determine its feasibility and to develop the initial project cost estimates. BPE consultants will work with you to understand your key objectives and constraints, we will apply our extensive experience and skills to ensure that the design meets a number of core principles:-

  • Return on Investment is optimised in terms of Total Installed Cost (TIC) and Total Operating Cost (TOC)
  • Process Plant/Equipment is selected to deliver efficiency and reliability
  • Health and Safety is inherently designed in
  • Design and Execution strategies are fully integrated
  • Risk mitigation is applied throughout

A number of outputs can be produced as part of the Front End Design including:-


  • Preliminary project plan
  • Budgetary forecasts
  • Risk management plan
  • Equipment specifications/lists
  • Evaluation of Vendor Proposals
  • Preliminary Design Drawings
  • Review of relevant statutory requirements

We will work closely with you throughout the Front End Design using state of the art software based collaboration techniques to ensure all required objectives are carefully reviewed.

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