Process Engineering Abatement Solutions

If you require practical and effective abatement solutions for your processing sites or manufacturing plants, call BPE first.

BPE can help you with the design and implementation of innovative and cost effective abatement systems, including our specialist area of VOC abatement analysis and solution delivery.

BPE: Abatement Solution Experience You Can Rely On

Our process engineers bring experience and expertise in the following areas to your abatement requirements:

  • Gas scrubbing, including variations such as jet scrubbing
  • Carbon adsorption, with on-site or off-site regeneration
  • Cryogenic condensation
  • Thermal oxidation and its variations
  • Biological abatement solutions including aerobic and anaerobic techniques
  • Exhaust gas treatment solutions
  • Combinations of all of the above


Unsure about abatement technologies?

With a wealth of in-house knowledge, experience and qualifications, BPE can answer your questions on each technology’s fundamentals, both theoretical and practical. We use ADMS (Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System) software to help you review a variety of abatement issues, including:

  • Odour assessments
  • Air quality assessment
  • Stack height calculations
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Environmental permits
  • Why partner with BPE for your abatement solutions

Much of BPE’s emissions management experience has been gained in highly regulated environments so that the interplay between end-of-pipe solutions and collection networks, the constraints and characteristics of such production and the opportunities for waste minimisation are well understood. Our team of expert consultants bring all that wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge to your project, providing a comprehensive and tailor-made abatement assessment and solution service for all types of process and industries.

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