SIL and LOPA Assessments

SIL (Safety Integrity Level) Assessments and LOPA (Layers of Protection Analysis) can be undertaken by BPE using established and proven techniques and based on significant experience across a diverse range of sectors and processes. We will firstly complete a Process Hazard Analysis (Using techniques such as ‘What If ?’ and HAZOP) which will determine the functional safety need and identify the tolerable risk level.

After reviewing the risk reduction and mitigation impacts from the Basic Process Control System (BPCS) and other layers of protection, we will then assess the residual risk against the established risk tolerance. If there is still an unacceptably high level of risk, a risk reduction factor (RRF) is determined and a SIL requirement is calculated (Typically Level 1, 2 or 3). Selecting the appropriate SIL level must be done carefully as costs increase considerably to achieve higher SIL Levels.  Where appropriate we will use the LOPA approach where each layer of safety protection is reviewed to determine the required SIL Level.

Sample LOPA Record Sheet

For all SIL Assessments and LOPA Assessments, we aim to ensure that we offer solutions and practical recommendations so that you can make informed, secure decisions.

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