Is your company fully ATEX and DSEAR compliant? The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) and EU directive ATEX 137 place a legal responsibility for all employers to protect its workforce against explosive environments in the workplace.

However, the process of assessment can be very time-consuming and if your business doesn’t have the proper knowledge and experience in-house, your employees and managers may not correctly identify every risk.

BPE can take away that worry of unintentional non-compliance. Our DSEAR Assessment can assist with risk assessments, risk elimination or mitigation and the classification of hazardous areas (Hazardous Area Classification or HAC), working alongside your own staff or independently. We can help you review the compliance of your equipment in terms of ATEX Certification. We have completed many ATEX and DSEAR Assessments in their own right, or as part of a wider project scope. We focus on identifying solutions and not just on reporting on potential issues, so you can move forward and put in place the correct processes, rather than have to design or create them yourselves.

ATEX and DSEAR: Our Proven Process

BPE follows a proven and effective three-stage approach to identifying risk and achieving compliance.

Stage 1 • Review/Gap Analysis

We build a full understanding of your site, processes and procedures, review all available documentation, check all hazardous substances in use, and confirm the required compliance levels. A report is issued to you to identify the scope and action plan for Stage 2.

Stage 2 • Detailed Assessments

During Stage 2, we complete your hazardous area classifications, review mechanical/electrical equipment, and identify ignition sources. We set out your required actions based on cost effective and practical solutions, and a further report is issued to you detailing all area classifications, recommendations and actions.

Stage 3 • Operation/Procedures

We review your training needs, operating/maintenance procedures and emergency plans to ensure that continued compliance can be delivered. We issue you a detailed action plan and where appropriate, we can schedule in ongoing reviews/audits for your business.


Why Choose BPE for Your ATEX and DSEAR Compliance Review

We have undertaken many projects across a wide range of sectors, often performing site wide classifications on ‘Top-Tier’ COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) Sites. We regularly work on sites where innovation is a key requirement to deliver effective solutions, and often, our work is HSE reviewed.

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Case Studies

Area Re-classification (DSEAR/ATEX)

Client: Cognis, Hythe

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