Ensuring that both existing and planned production facilities are designed and operated in line with the guiding principles of Sustainability is of course a significant challenge. SUSOP® is a structured process of multi-disciplinary workshops and supporting analysis, developed originally through a collaborative research effort between industry and researcher organisations led by The University of Queensland in Australia.
At the heart of SUSOP® is a systematic and rigorous step-by-step procedure. This ensures critical environmental, community and social issues are identified and then translated into real operating designs and practices which deliver new innovative solutions; importantly, SUSOP® does not compromise financial outcomes.

The key output is a populated Sustainability Register™ which includes all identified opportunities and risks, supporting SD Balance Sheets™ schematically showing the positive and negative sustainability impacts, plus action plans for progressing key sustainability initiatives.

Some of the key features and related benefits of SUSOP include:

  • Reduced likelihood of costly project delays
  • Faster project approvals and streamlined processes
  • Rigorous and practical approach to ensure opportunities and risks are identified and reviewed
  • Reduced capital and operating costs through innovative solutions
  • Reduced water consumption, lower energy use and less waste production
  • Improved Sustainability Outcomes
  • Structured analysis of sustainability risks and opportunities
  • Embedded review against the Five Capitals – Natural, Human, Social, Manufactured and Financial
  • Effective definition and tracking of Actions
  • Decision support systems through a Sustainability Register ™ and SD Balance Sheets™
  • Integrated knowledge base

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