Process optimisation and sustainability

Process optimisation is an engineer’s greatest tool to help increase efficiency. Through a structured analysis approach it is possible to adjust a process in a way that either reduces cost or increases output, all the while maintaining quality. We are able to apply our extensive process optimisation experience either as part of the design of a new process facility or as a way of securing improvements to an existing, operational facility.


Process optimisation and sustainability

Our process optimisation services can help to:

  • Minimise waste streams
  • Optimise yields
  • Reduce utility consumption
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase throughputs

Sustainability services and SUSOP®

Ensuring that both existing and planned production facilities are designed and operated in line with the guiding principles of sustainability is a significant challenge. We use the SUSOP® framework, which is award-winning and highly respected in the industry.

SUSOP® is a structured process of multidisciplinary workshops and supporting analysis. At its heart is a systematic and rigorous step-by-step procedure. This ensures critical environmental, community and social issues are identified and then translated into real operating designs and practices which deliver new innovative solutions; importantly, SUSOP® does not compromise financial outcomes.

The SUSOP® approach can have wide-reaching benefits, not least improved sustainability outcomes. The process can unveil innovative solutions to reduce capital and operating costs and find ways to reduce water consumption, energy use and waste production. The interactive approach ensures effective definition and tracking of actions and reduces the likelihood of costly project delays