PHSS Challenges in Sterile Product Manufacturing event provides talking point for aseptic fill-finish operations

With the pharmaceutical industry facing increasing regulatory challenges, BPE attended an industry event to share its thoughts on aseptic processing.

The PHSS Challenges in Sterile Product Manufacturing event took place on June 6, bringing together more than 120 delegates from across Europe. As leading service providers in the sector, BPE’s Andy Stevenson and Jon McGeehan attended, along with their partner, Boulting Environmental Services (BES).

The conference provided a perspective from regulators (MHRA), Global GMP auditors, advanced therapy manufacturers, technology manufacturers and academics on current challenges.

Andy Stevenson said: “A number of excellent topics and best practices were presented by the Industry Regulator (MHRA), Pharmaceutical companies and equipment vendors. Topics covered cleanroom contamination control and the design of aseptic facilities for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, including aseptic fill-finish operations.

“This was of particular interest to us as a business, as we’ve recently written a whitepaper on the subject. It was interesting to hear perspectives from our industry peers on this and we’re hoping they may be able to attend our next whitepaper roundtable event, where we’ll be discussing the topics addressed in the paper.”

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