Inspirational role models key to encouraging girls into engineering

As part of our series of interviews celebrating Women in Engineering Day (June 23) we talk to BPE senior consultant Rebecca David about her experiences in the industry. Here, she tells us why she loves her job and what she thinks need to happen to encourage more girls to consider a career in the industry.

Q:  What do you think about the state of diversity in engineering today?

A: There are many more women in engineering now.

Q: What made you want to get into the profession?

I started doing it because my careers advisor said I had a logical brain. I found I really enjoyed it and I did have that kind of brain as she said!

Q: What can be done to encourage more women to consider engineering as a career option?

A: Other women engineers need to talk to them.

Q: What have your experiences been of being a woman in a male-dominated industry?

A: It was tough in the early days and I had to continually tell myself that It was not difficult because I  was a women but it was difficult because things are just difficult sometimes.  You do have to be fairly resilient I think but men are very straight down the line so in some ways easy to work with. On the other hand they can be oblivious to the fact that you are having a difficult time.

Q: If you could tell young girls one thing about engineering what would it be?

A: It’s an interesting, challenging, ever-changing profession which now pays well and there are not many jobs you can say that about.