Chance to learn more about mixing and crystallisation

BPE is set to share its expertise on mixing and crystallisation at a special event with IChemE this September.

The one-day event, on September 20, will bring together academic and industrial researchers and practitioners working on the areas of fluid mixing, turbulence, chemical reactions, crystallisation and precipitation.

It will review advances in both fundamental understanding of the underlying processes and application to product formulation and production. Of particular interest are the interactions between these processes and the ways in which the underlying physics can be manipulated for the benefit of product design.

BPE’s Gary McRobbie and Jennifer Atkin will take to the stage at the event, with Jennifer opening the key note speeches with an overview of mixing operations in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

In the afternoon Gary McRobbie will follow up with a talk on selecting single-use mixing technology.

Gary said: “We have a long association with IChemE so we’re thrilled to be a part of this event. As a company, we’re committed to sharing our knowledge and encouraging best practice across the entire industry and that’s just what we’ll set out to do with our talks at this event.”

The meeting is co-organised by the Fluid Mixing Processes and Pharma SIGs, reflecting the importance of mixing operations and crystallisation in the pharmaceutical industry. The topics presented will include fluid dynamics of mixing, numerical methods such as Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS), Population Balance Modelling and Lattice Boltzmann Method, mixing technologies, crystallisation design and operation, and various aspects of the application of mixing technology to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

For tickets to the event, which start from £30, visit here.