BPE shares positive view of conducting HAZOPs remotely without compromising on quality

With remote working the new ‘normal’ for many at present, BPE has been sharing the lessons it has learned from conducting remote risk assessments without compromising on quality, specifically HAZOPs.Although many employees have adjusted well to the necessity of working from home during the global Covid-19 pandemic, there remains a regulatory duty for employers to ensure processes and operations can still operate safely. Many businesses are investigating how they can conduct team-based hazard studies using video conferencing technology.

HAZOP is probably the most well-known risk assessment technique, particularly in the high hazard industries, and is a team-based evaluation of the potential risks associated with a production/manufacturing process.

Although conducting a HAZOP remotely may seem unconventional, BPE’s experience of running online HAZOPs has been very positive, as individuals adapt to a new meeting etiquette.