BPE offers insight into production and manufacture of hand sanitiser

As we all find ourselves amid a global pandemic, BPE has been offering advice to companies for the safe production and manufacture of hand sanitiser.

Owing to Covid-19, many companies have been unable to resume their normal business practices, and in an attempt to adapt, they are looking at ways in which they can switch their production to alternative operations, such as the manufacturing of PPE and hand sanitiser.

Although the World Health Organisation (WHO) produced a document “WHO-recommended Handrub Formulations” in 2010 providing anyone with appropriate facilities the ability to produce hand sanitiser on a commercial scale, they are also regulated by the Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR).

Any new formulation must be authorised to be placed on the market and other regulations in the manufacturing process will need to be considered, especially in the use of flammable alcohols and the increase risk of fire.
BPE is hoping to help as it offers companies an insight into the regulations and safety issues that need to be considered.