BPE attends successful spray drying seminar

BPE attends successful spray drying seminar

BPE was pleased to attend the recent webinar on Spray Drying, hosted by the University of Leeds. As process and technology specialists in this field, it was great to get some insight into the considerations of spray drying applications from the University and their partners.

Spray drying has some great benefits. It can be fully automated and continuous – and therefore, when it comes to spray drying processes, it is extremely simple to implement. Plus, short residence times and its suitability for heat sensitive products make it suitable for a wide range of industries, such as FMCG.

We found the webinar particularly interesting, as it picked up on the development of technology and how it has improved processes over recent years.

Spray drying is an improvement in drying and concentrating liquids, which is why it is increasing in popularity. It can also offer remarkable flexibility compared to something like freeze drying. Level of moisture or residual solvents are much more easily controlled with spray drying, plus, the powder density can be manipulated to target levels and it can be possible to tailor the properties of the final powder.

However, there are a number of processes to consider. There are hazards involved with spray drying and there needs to be an appropriate design and equipment for laboratory, pilot and production-scale drying. Also, the process can vary between sectors, depending on performance and quality, as well as economics within a project, good return on investment and protecting profits.

With experience of technology specification and selection, thermodynamic modelling, and design aspects to optimise operation such as solids handling for hygienic systems, we would love to hear from you with any spray drying problems that we can help you with.

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