Solvent Clean-up & Recovery

Client: Confidential

The Brief

BPE’s confidential client needed to understand the potential for recovery of toluene and chlorobenzene from mixed organic waste streams to support their business case for potential investment.

The Challenges

Existing process development work at laboratory scale needed to be scaled-up to pilot plant and commercial scale. In addition, a transformation from batch to continuous processing was required.

The Response

BPE used the Aspen Batch Modeler software to model a series of distillations, both batch and semi-continuous. This was followed by use of Aspen Plus to model the same separation as a continuous process. Existing assumptions were challenged and developed and laboratory data was validated to provide a secure design basis.

The Results

BPE were able to successfully generate yield, quality and efficiency comparisons for 3 different process routes. We also provided proof of concept for the proposed transfer from batch to continuous processing.







Semi Continuous