Manufacturing Facility Relocation

Client: Confidential


The Brief

BPE’s confidential pharmaceutical manufacturing client wanted to assess the potential relocation of an existing facility to consider alongside alternative options to meet increased sales forecast data.

The Challenges

One of the key challenges for the analysis was to be able to confirm the batch size and cycle times to show that the proposed plant design could meet the required annual production target with enough spare capacity to allow for planned maintenance, cleaning and breakdowns.

The Response

BPE used the Aspen Batch Process Developer (formerly Batch Plus) Software to create a process model for the relocation of the existing process. A detailed production schedule confirming batch time cycle time and fixed repeating schedule as well as a Mass balance, Heating, Cooling and utility requirements for overlapping batches were developed.

The Results

BPE were able to successfully identify bottlenecks in terms of equipment and processes. Sensitivity analysis was used to determine the maximum capacity of the proposed plant allowing a project decision to be made on a secure footing.