Liquid extract – Process Development



  The Brief

A global consumer products company is developing an innovative liquid extract product and needed to assess the feasibility of commercial scale production in the context of available market potential.

The Challenges

The key challenge was to identify suitable technologies to produce the end product based on a liquid extract. Separation of the liquid/solids feedstock required a bespoke design to be developed. A significant set of trials needed to be carefully scoped and executed to support the study.

The Response

BPE led the process development which involved conducting a literature and patent search and the identification/selection of technologies to produce a novel product based on a liquid extract. In-house and vendor trials were conducted to evaluate critical process parameters. A conceptual engineering design was developed for manufacturing. A range of extraction technologies were identified and tested to generate novel product attributes.

The Result

BPE, in conjunction with a partner, completed a technical feasibility study and demonstrated ‘Proof of Application’ (PoA). Novel and existing processes were identified, developed and tested to allow the customer to progress the project on a secure footing.