Design to Tender Project

Client: Confidential, Biopharma

BPE undertook a two stage project (concept and design to tender) to introduce a site R&D process waste recovery step that increased overall manufacturing capacity.

The project included the refurbishment and extension to existing cleanroom space and the specification of new process equipment (process vessels, pumps, plate and frame filter, centrifuge, CIP skid etc.)

The project required careful space management within a limited footprint and included extensive piping survey for tie-ins to existing services. This was achieved through the extensive use of 3 d modelling.

The project is currently under construction by a major EPC contractor.







  • Process detailed design – AFC P&IDs, equipment data sheets/specifications, production schedule and full safety review (including ATEX compliance & HAC).
  • CSA detailed design – Submission of planning drawings, room data sheets, structural calculations and generation of SOW and all CSA specifications.
  • HVAC detailed design – Specifications and SOW.
  • E,C&I detailed design – Functional requirement specification, instrument data sheets and E,C&I SOW.
  • Piping detailed design – Piping specifications, MTO & schedules and 3d model.
  • Project Cost Estimate = £4.9 m ± 10%.
  • Project Schedule 18 months & risk register