Design to Tender Project

Client: Confidential, Biopharma

The Brief

A biopharmaceutical client engaged BPE to identify and develop options to increase manufacturing capacity of an existing facility through the introduction of a site wide waste recovery step. The project was a key component of an ongoing site capacity expansion project.

The Challenges

The project required careful space management within a limited footprint and included extensive piping surveys for tie-ins to existing services. Minimal disruption to existing operations was a key challenge for the design as was an aggressive project timeline.

The Response

BPE completed a two stage design, concept followed by design to tender working closely throughout with the site project team and stakeholders. The design work included the refurbishment and extension to existing cleanroom space and the specification of new process equipment (process vessels, pumps, plate and frame filter, centrifuge, CIP skid etc.). Extensive 3D modelling work was completed to meet the significant challenges around available space.

The Results

BPE provided a rigorous review of potential design options to allow a secure decision to be made on how the project should proceed. The Design to Tender documents ensured a robust decision making process for award and execution of the project.