Argi-Tech Ammonia/Urea Production

Client: Innovate UK

The Brief

An Innovate UK supported project was initiated to establish the design feasibility of a distributed fertiliser production facility using hydrogen produced in an electrolyser.

The Challenges

BPE’s key challenges on the project related to integration of a number of process modules/technologies and addressing the key process safety challenges related to the materials/processes in operation. Optimisation of energy and heat recovery were a key project requirement.

The Response

BPE worked closely with the project collaborators – ITM Power and The University of Sheffield to model and optimise the integrated process. Aspen One was used to review and optimise the heat recovery across the process modules. BPE chaired a series of process safety studies throughout the project to inform key decisions on design and process controls.

The Results

BPE’s support allowed the R&D based project to develop on a secure footing with rigorous process safety support. A series of design iterations were successfully supported leading to successful lab scale trials.