Area Re-classification (DSEAR/ATEX)

Client: Cognis, Hythe

An established top tier COMAH site had been advised by the HSE to review their hazardous zones in line with a modern code of practice. Previously, the site had relied upon a corporate guideline from a previous owner. This was now considered to be out of date and unsupported.

BPE undertook the work with reference to both the API code IM 15 and the British Standard EN 6079-10










The entire site was broken up into production areas and reclassified. The work required the identification of all leak sources, an assessment of the grade taking into account frequency and ventilation and the preparation of zoned drawings. A number of non-standard operations required individual calculation to identify the size and shape of the zone.

  • P&ID inspection
  • Materials Hazardous Properties
  • Identification
  • Problem solving; practical solution generation reports
  • Leak Classification, following close liaison with the site operations team
  • Mechanical Risk Assessments
  • Specialist Calculations
  • Area Classification Drawings