Animal Health Vaccine – FED



The Brief

An existing concept design for a new veterinary biopharma production plant for the production of an animal virus antigen needed to be developed to a higher level of design definition and cost accuracy. The design study was required to support decision making at a project stage gate.

The Challenges

A number of specific equipment and facility design challenges faced the design team, these had to be overcome within the context of high levels of containment being required in some of the process areas (SAPO4) for Biological Agents. A number of rigorous safety studies were performed to ensure the design of the new facility could be validated.

The Response

BPE worked as part of a fully integrated multi-disciplinary design team to develop and co-ordinate the required documents and drawings against the project scope. We were able to identify process engineering solutions to the unique set of challenges posed by the planned new facility.

The Result

The customer was able to the use the design report and related cost estimates to finalise a decision on project funding and potential location for the new facility. The rigour applied to the design work ensured that the client was able to proceed on an assured basis.