20 te/y Structured Silicon Plant; DSEAR Compliance

Client: Nexeon Ltd, Milton Park, Abingdon

Nexeon, with BPE’s assistance, were designing and constructing a new 20 te/year structured silicon production facility located in an existing building adjacent to Nexeon’s existing R&D facility.  The purpose of the plant is to supply product and develop the manufacturing process prior to further scale up.

An element of the project was to produce the Hazardous Area Classification Documentation and to design an ATEX-compliant plant.








The process utilises hazardous chemicals such as HF, ammonium and silver nitrates and flammable solvents.  Hydrogen and NOx are evolved and a dust hazard exists due to the use of silicon powder.

BPE developed a hazardous area classification in support of the overall building scheme and process design to guide segregation of the process and equipment selection.  Deliverables included:

•ATEX / DSEAR report including
•Materials hazardous properties identification
•Leak identification
•Zone extent calculations
•Area classification drawings