Our Values

We work passionately to a series of embedded values. These values guide how we engage not just with our customers and partners but also with our colleagues and the wider community. Our values fall under five pillars:

Customer commitment

We focus on customer needs and seek to provide the best solution in a timely cost effective and fully fit for purpose manner.

  • We listen to our customers and behave responsively
  • We put our customers first in everything we do
  • We apply technology and innovation to deliver value
  • We offer customers new solutions where relevant
  • We satisfy customers by working to understand and anticipate their requirements

Teamwork and partnership

We ensure that we apply the right team for each and every project, building long term relationships that deliver the maximum available benefits to our customers and partners.

  • We demonstrate trust and respect for team members
  • We participate fully, share ideas and opinions, and support team decisions once made
  • We encourage and accept constructive feedback without defensiveness
  • We are deeply co-operative – we build and maintain constructive partnerships

Integrity and trust

Applying the principles of trust, integrity and respect to how we work with our staff and customers.

  • We behave in a professional manner and operate with the highest degree of integrity
  • We earn the trust and respect of others
  • We respect and adhere to agreements
  • We seek to always operate in a safe, clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner
  • We embrace best practice and stay current

Technology and know-how

Without compromise, deploying the best tools and expertise, applying innovation whenever it is appropriate to deliver the right solution and best outcome:

  • We deliver on our promises
  • We provide technical excellence in our work
  • We are passionate about improvement and innovation
  • We demonstrate deep experience, capability and creativity to fulfil customer requirements
  • We constantly seek game changing methods to achieve improved performance and value

Developing people and the community

Contribute strongly to the wider development of chemical/bio engineering through personal development and its professional bodies.

  • We actively assess, train and develop all our employees
  • We work with and support professional institutions
  • We work with higher education institutions to develop future talent and advance our knowledge
  • We seek to provide fully sustainable solutions to the benefit of the environment and local communities