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We are constantly analysing the latest trends and technologies in order to produce whitepapers that can be used by the entire industry. We believe that sharing our insight and knowledge can help to drive the industry forward and promote best practice.
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Filtration – The Forgotten Process By Noel Quigley

“Across all industrial sectors, there is a requirement for some form of solid-liquid separation. Regardless of scale or whether the solids are a valuable product or an unwanted waste stream, precision separation of the solid and liquid streams is usually a critical step in the process. It is therefore curious that during development of new processes, this step is largely overlooked and can become a major obstacle in scaling up new processes from the lab to commercial plant.”

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Continuous Reactor Modelling By Noel Quigley and Sam Fass

“This paper outlines the differences in continuous reactors and the importance of applying engineering principles to tailor the correct reactor to your process using advanced process simulation. The paper also looks at how the process models can be used to test the reaction kinetics and suggests how process modelling can be used during development to help optimise the reaction design to suit the eventual reactor design.”

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Technology Developments in Aseptic Fill-Finish Operations By Andrew Stevenson

“Historically, different types of components have been aseptically filled, inspected and packaged on separate dedicated machines (e.g. bulk vials on a dedicated vial line and pre-sterilised syringes on a nest-filler). This situation resulted in the need for multiple lines to fill a portfolio of products in varying presentations which requires a large manufacturing area and is both capitally intensive and operationally complex.”

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Dust Explosions By Keith Plumb

“The aim of this white paper is to provide a description of a rigorous approach to the assessment of the risks associated with dust explosions. The assessment gains its rigour from a study of the unwrapped explosion pentagon that leads to a step by step route map that combines the replace, reduce and refine approach inherent in the reduction of the inventory of dangerous substances in the work place. Followed by hazardous area classification, a thorough review of sources of equipment and full consideration of the severity and consequences of an explosion.”

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Cell Homogenisation By Gary McRobbie

“BPE were recently approached by a client who had identified a requirement for a new cell disruption system. Disruption was to be used after the centrifugation of the fermentation harvest solution and prior to further downstream processing. BPE were tasked with identifying the best available technology for the client’s specific application.”

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Understanding Functional Safety and Related Standards By Peter Stabler

“How well do you understand the term “functional safety”?  Are you aware that achieving functional safety requires an integrated approach, incorporating both engineering and management activities?  Could you describe why there are international standards that specifically deal with functional safety, which parts of these standards apply to engineering or management activities and what measures are required to ensure compliance?”

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