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We are a ‘process led’ organisation and offer a full suite of process engineering services for businesses of all sizes and types. Our team of highly-skilled and deeply knowledgeable chemical and process engineering consultants are able to help everyone from start-ups at the exciting stage of scaling up from the lab to the production line, to multi-national organisations looking to streamline and optimise their manufacturing processes. We have truly national reach, with offices in both Hampshire and Cheshire.

What sets us apart is that we look much deeper than the surface of a project, using our extensive knowledge of process engineering and the scientific principles behind it to design the best solutions for our clients. Our philosophy is to aim to deliver ‘added value’ throughout every project. Be it through plant efficiency, cost savings or innovative design techniques, we seek to deliver more than we’re asked to for all our clients.

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Our clients and partners

Our blue-chip clients appreciate our experience, flexibility, commitment and our ability to integrate into their own organisations. We actively seek a close working relationship, built on confidence, trust and respect, to maximise the effectiveness of our service.

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