Emerging Technologies

A capability to think and move quickly is inherent with the Emerging Technologies sector. We have worked on a diverse range of projects including those involving lithium ion batteries, nanoporous materials, fuel cells, biomass power, carbon neutral cement and microwave separation. We can offer a wide range of services during the first phases of a project, including concept designs and feasibility studies, through to detailed engineering and the establishment of production facilities.

Our process engineers can integrate effectively with your existing teams to provide effective support when and where you need it, to ensure that your plans stay on track. Among our engineering design support and process engineering services for the emerging technologies sector are:

Design capabilities

  • Concept through to detailed engineering design
  • Process/batch modelling
  • Reaction chemistry analysis
  • Technology selection
  • Application of engineering fundamentals to unit operations

Integrated services

  • Control system design and implementation
  • Equipment design and specification and integration
  • Full suite of design services and documentation including;
  • P&IDs, specifications, datasheets
  • Process safety reviews including DIERS, LOPA, HAZOP, HAZAN

Facility support

  • Utilities, including clean utilities
  • Equipment layout optimisation
  • Support services
  • Networked monitoring

Find out how we helped one of our clients in the emerging technologies sector move seamlessly from batch to continuous production.


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  • Diverse industrial engineering ‘know-how’
  • Thorough understanding of process fundamentals
  • Experienced in scale-up, in the transfer of small test facilities into Pilot Plant and
    commercial operations


Design Capabilities

  • Concept through to Detailed Engineering Design
  • 3D Modelling/Walk Throughs
  • Optimisation


  • Creation of electronic models for option evaluation
  • BPE’s engineers understanding of technology fundamentals provides a smooth transition from ‘Idea’ to engineered reality
  • Application of Chemical/Thermodynamic principles to Unit Operations to produce valid scale-up analysis