Process Development and Scale Up

Developing a manufacturing process from small scale to full production is a complex task. That’s because what works at bench level doesn’t always work at production level.

For example, you might be able to mix compounds in a lab beaker in 2 minutes, and get consistent results. But if you were to mix 20,000 litres, how would you ensure consistent mixing of materials?

Or, if you’re already producing commercially, but want to scale up to meet greater demand, what’s the best way to do so, in order to maintain quality while maximising efficiencies?

That’s where we come in.

BPE has helped clients in a variety of sectors by providing (bio)chemical engineering expertise. We work with their teams to deliver a framework for scale-up, including the design and implementation of pilot plants.

Our staff is well versed in the wide array of disciplines involved in process development. Which means that, whatever skills you have – or don’t have – in your team, we’re there to fill in the gaps.

How we work

Here’s how we work:

* We start by talking with your team. That allows us to understand your scientific, commercial, quality and regulatory requirements.

* Next, we break the whole process into recognisable Chemical Engineering Unit Operations. We then analyse those to develop a scale-up strategy.

* Then, using a technical risk management approach, we identify laboratory, pilot and design tasks. And we work through these towards a process suitable for implementation.

* And, if you need us to, we can devise and run pilot trials, manage equipment suppliers and manage analytical services for you.

Key principles and targets that we work to include:-

Meeting Safety Requirements
Process/Plant Efficiency
Project timelines
High availability/reliability
Optimised Return on Investment (ROI)

Why Partner with BPE for your Project

BPE Design & Support Ltd is a well-established Process Engineering/Process Safety Consultancy. We’re based near Winchester, England, and have a proven track record both in the UK and worldwide.

We can provide your team with the necessary skill base to ensure your business objectives are met. And met on time, within budget, with minimum risk, and maximum benefit.

When you partner with us, you’ll discover how our experience, flexibility, commitment, and ability to integrate into your organisation, makes working with BPE so rewarding.

We’d love to hear from you

We’d be happy to discuss your goals and expectations for your next process engineering project. To arrange an informal chat, give us a call on +44 (0)1962 717070, or email us at