Project Management

The following key philosophies and attributes illustrate our expertise:

• Motivation and Management of people
Strong Sponsorship and alignment to Client goals 
Adaptable / responsive individuals with Industry specific knowledge
• Identification and Management of Risk
• Quality Management Systems
• Solution Focused Expertise, APM (Association for Project Management) Trained Managers
• Experience and expertise in offering true multi-discipline design and project management, tailored to suit clients business needs
• Flexible project execution approach, including full ‘turnkey’ solutions

BPE Project Managers have a wealth of practical experience supplemented by regular training in the latest developments maintaining expertise and leadership in project / business benefits delivery.


Strong Sponsorship

Critical to the success of a project is ownership and support. BPE provides sponsorship at director level to promote this philosophy. This means that our project managers receive the backing our customers demand. Issues over resourcing, alignment of project and business objectives are thus dealt with at the highest possible level.

Adaptable / Responsive Individuals

BPE have a track record of employing adaptable / responsive managers and empowering them to manage and deliver change. These individuals have a wide range of experience which coupled with our investment in continuing professional development maintains the highest levels of competencies.

Identification and Management of Risk

In responding to an operating opportunity, problem or threat there are inevitable risks. At BPE we have risk management frameworks embedded within in our procedures. We are able to ensure key risks are identified, assessed and addressed at both a strategic and project programme level.

Programme Management

Delivery of business benefits and successful outcomes are assured by implementation of programme management. This structured framework as a vehicle to manage, control, communicate and co-ordinate change.

Quality Management Systems

Our commitment to quality is core to our culture. Use of project tools, templates, training and talent ensures that projects are consistently delivered to the correct standard. This quality culture together with a philosophy of continuous improvement makes BPE a safe pair of hands.

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