Process Engineering Design Services

If you’re looking for assistance with the design of a new or upgraded facility, we can help.

That’s because we have a proven track record of designing and delivering efficient, cost-effective and practical solutions for new and modified processes.

And thanks to our ability to do that consistently - and doing it on time and within budget – we’re regularly  selected as the partner of choice by leading businesses and manufacturers in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

How we’re able to get world-class results

Our greatest strength is our experience.

While every project is unique, its constituent parts rarely are. Or, to put it another way, any problem, obstacle or objective in your project has appeared – in some form – in another project.

And, thanks to our team’s breadth of technical experience, we’ve probably solved a similar problem already.

So we can lean on that experience - and use an approach we already know works - rather than start from scratch.   

The result is a design project that’s fully optimised in terms of safety, capital/operating costs, performance/yield, and sustainability.

To see some of the projects we’ve worked on – and the industries we’ve worked in – check out the case studies section of our website.

“Impressed by BPE’s professionalism, diligence and ability to solve complex and technical problems” 

‘BPE have been supplying pharmaceutical engineering, validation and project management to GSK for 8 years and I have personal experience of working with them throughout this period.

I have always been impressed by their professionalism, diligence and their ability to solve complex and technical problems. Their experience in pharmaceutical pilot plants enables them to offer advice and guidance from the conceptual to detailed design stages of projects and I have no hesitation in recommending them.’ 

Phil Diver - GSK Capital Project Management

Getting your project off to the right start

At BPE, we believe successful projects start with thorough planning.  For three reasons:

First, by clearly defining the project’s objectives, we ensure there’s a common understanding of the objectives.

Second, the methodology we use (front end loading) enables us to plan out the project in detail. And that means you’ll know in advance what the cost of the project will be – and what your returns will be.

And that means, you can make an informed decision about its viability - before you’ve sunk a lot of money into it.

Finally, it allows us to make adjustments to the project in the planning stage - where the cost of those costs will be minimal, compared to changing course midstream.  This reduces the cost of the project and speeds up how quickly it can be delivered.

The result? No unforeseen risks, and a much higher likelihood of success.

“Solutions have always worked first time without need for corrective action”

"BPE have been providing process design and project management services supporting manufacturing activities at the Sandwich site for 4 years. I have personal experience of their work, which they have always delivered within budget. As is important for a manufacturing environment the solutions have always worked first time without need for corrective action."  

Ben Twist, Project Manager - Pfizer

We’d love to hear from you

We’d be happy to discuss your goals and expectations for your next process engineering project. To arrange an informal chat, give us a call on +44 (0)1962 717070, or email us at 

“BPE delivered a technically state of the art modern modular process against difficult time constraints and within budget”

BPE delivered a technically state of the art modern modular process against difficult time constraints and within budget. The success of this project led to a close relationship with BPE who we continue to work with on support projects."

 Rick Poland, Operations Manager - Allergy Therapeutics