P and IDs

We recognise that a significant level of investment in high quality Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams is a fundamental component in effective process design. BPE have integrated teams of Piping and Process Engineers, working together to ensure that we deliver you with a fully optimised solution in terms of Process, Connectivity, Operability and Safety.  BPE have a full range of design skills, including equipment selection and specification, line sizing/materials of construction and instrumentation specification/selection. We ensure that suitable control schemes are applied to allow the generation of P&ID’s that firmly align with your business objectives.

  • To provide P&ID’s that give a clear and concise illustration of all equipment, pipes, valves, instruments, sensors, etc. so that all stakeholders and project teams have a secure understanding of the process.
  • To deliver information that supports the analysis of all process hazards (HAZOP’s etc), required safeguards and potential faults.
  • To support the development of effective Operating and Maintenance procedures.
  • To serve as an on-going record of the process so that changes can be planned safely and effectively via a formal Change Control process.

We have effective IT Solutions in place to support the integration and management of design processes, including the use of AutoCAD Plant 3D, to support the generation and management of equipment, line and instrument schedules and to provide seamless transition into facility layouts, 3D modelling and the generation of isometric drawings.

We focus on producing P&ID’s that are clear and easy to read, we apply a consistent and fully documented approach to symbology and we target these key objectives:-

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