Intellectual Property Rights Support

We understand that protecting your Intellectual Property Rights and reviewing existing and potential Patents is of critical importance. BPE can provide a range of services to support you, these include:-

  • IP Strategy – ‘Novelty Assessments’, Filing Strategy, Gaps/Opportunities Analysis etc
  • Patent searches – Using specialist databases, proven search methodologies, assessment of critical patents and their associated technological relationships.
  • Patent Filing – Individual countries or global
  • On-Going Monitoring – Development and setup of patent alerts – allows key decision makers to modify existing business strategies and avoid infringement issues
  • Competitive Analysis – Patent analysis to consider competitive products/technologies. Opportunities/Threats identified and reviewed
  • Patent Busting – bypass competitive patents, protect against the reverse scenario.
  • Trademark & Design Patent Filing & Advice – Vast IP experience can be applied/scaled as appropriate

We can complete the analysis of key technologies, processes and products for all existing and potential competitors and Patent Mapping to reveal what the competitive advantage and the business value patents provide in terms of patent coverage, e.g. freedom to operate, competitive insulation.

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