When you require extensive experience and expertise in bioprocess engineering and biopharma plant design, look no further than the consultants at BPE.

BPE's team has undertaken a wide range of projects with many organizations, both large and small. Drawing on our extensive project experiences, we can support your plans whether they are at an early stage or currently in process. We'll help you assess and consider concept designs, scale-up or modelling, and assist you to advance your plans through to detailed design, construction and verification.

BPE have supported projects related to a wide variety of sectors, products and processes, including:

  • Production of biological active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
    • Upstream systems including microbial or mammalian expression systems
    • Primary recovery and downstream processing
  • Biological finished products including sterile fill finish (aseptic filling) and freeze drying
  • Vaccines production, for human and animal use, with biocontainment requirements up to ACDP and SAPO4.
  • Blood products
  • Hard-piped systems and the application of single-use technologies


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Specific Processes Require Specific Skills

At BPE, we recognise the differing challenges presented to you by your varying processes, and products and adapt our approach accordingly. We work closely with your teams and specialist equipment suppliers to design process systems that meet your specific process and production needs. Our integrated teams can offer a diverse range of capabilities that include:


Design Capabilities
  • Process Engineering Design from concept to construction
  • Process Modelling and Optimisation using Superpro
  • Equipment design, specification and integration
  • Expert hygienic piping design and modelling
  • Control system design & implementation to the latest Good Automated
    Practice (GAMP) standards as defined by the International Society
    Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)
  • Clean Room and facility integration
  • Cleaning/Sterilisation Systems (CIP/SIP) Design and Specification
Integrated Services
  • Specialist Project Management
  • Compliant Construction Management including
    Construction Design and Management (CDM) services
  • Integrated commissioning and qualification
  • Lifecycle management of high value equipment
  • Process Safety and Biosafety consultancy
Facility Support
  • Overall facility integration including process architecture
  • Facility flow, classification, containment and HVAC
    (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) concepts.
  • Expert design, construction and qualification of clean services including high purity water,
    steam, air and gas systems
  • Chemical storage, dispensing and handling systems
  • Site utilities
  • Environmental protections systems including gaseous, liquid and solid waste
    handling and treatment
  • Biowaste handling and treatment


Why Choose BPE For Your Next Biotechnology Process Design Project

Since being formed in 1997, BPE has been working in the biopharmaceutical sector and completed a wide range of projects requiring detailed and complex biopharmaceutical plant design.

Our international clients appreciate the depth of knowledge we bring, and the care we take to fully understand the unique challenges, features and processes of each project. We then apply our innovative and cutting edge thinking to resolving your design issues and producing a robust and compliant solution that also delivers a significant ROI (Return on Investment).

If you'd like to access that same level of professional design expertise, call us on +44 (0)1962 717070, or email us at