3D Modelling and Piping Design

At BPE, we have invested in the use of AutoCad Plant 3D on projects as it delivers a number of significant benefits compared to a 2D based design. The 3D environment means that design coordination and clash detection is considered throughout the design process, minimising the potential for rework.Extraction of quantity/materials data from 3D designs is also much easier to achieve and therefore more accurate, especially useful in cost estimating the  use of “Intelligent” P&ID’s ensures that a single design base is used for the generation of other design information and associated schedules, which ensures consistency of the final design.

3D modelling and the ‘Walk throughs’ that we provide to our Clients, allow an earlier and wider access to the details of the project design by all stakeholders and helps to ensure that the delivered facility/plant meets all identified requirements. This helps to reduce re-working and therefore to shorten project timelines and reduce costs. It is also a valuable tool to demonstrate to the maintenance team that the design is practical and maintainable.

We have a team of experienced CAD designers who, working closely with the Process and Piping Engineers, can bring your project to life.

Please open the pdf to view some illustrative 3D Models -  3D Models


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