BPE is a UK leader in chemical and biochemical engineering design. We offer a full range of process engineering services, including process systems design, optimisation and modelling, scale up and process development together with safety and compliance support. Our deep knowledge of process engineering and the principles behind it is unrivalled. It’s why some of the biggest manufacturers in the world, including AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly and GSK rely on us to help make their processes safer and as efficient as they can be.

Our design capabilities include process control systems, the specification of electrical installation and instrumentation and full qualification for validated systems. Our support can extend from simple one-off consultations to the design, installation and commissioning of complete projects. While we specialise in the fine and speciality chemicals and life sciences sectors, we have built extensive experience across a wide range of industries over more than 20 years. This includes food and drink, renewable energy, advanced materials and emerging technologies.

We can offer significant expertise in relation to a wide range of technology platforms including biotechnology, where we specialise in the engineering design of operations in the antibiotics, vaccines, therapeutic medicines, monoclonal antibodies and regenerative medicines product sectors.

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